Income Reports

I am building a Classifieds Site (see reasons here).

In this blog, I will be  sharing my work online (inspired by Derek Sivers). That means  sharing step-by-step instructions of how I built the site. Specific posts such as [Uploading Images using ServiceStack] or [Adding Facebook Authentication to your Site using ServiceStack] can be used in isolation for your own projects.

However, I will also be sharing my source code online using github (link to be added). Thus, if you are specifically looking at launching a Classifieds Site, without doing any coding on your end & have documentation ready on how the [more interesting/difficult] things were implemented, you can make use of my existing source code & my blog posts (for documentation).

I want to be completely transparent in this project. So once I launch the Classifieds site, I will also be sharing my actual Incomes and Expenses with you on this page (inspired by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income) .

Would you like to see how my next few months of P&L will look like for this project. Sign up here to get updated once I start publishing the income reports.