Simulate Human Typing with jQuery in less than 5min

simulateTyping.gifMy Classifieds landing page looks a bit boring. I need to add a cool factor & provide a ‘something is happening here’ feeling for new visitors. So how about simulating someone typing a few popular searches, such as ‘looking for a car’ or ‘looking for an old laptop’.

I found just the right library for it & it can be implemented in less than 5min. It is a free jquery library called Typed.js which simulates typing. [The library is written by Matt Boldt (see his site here, Github here)]

Got it implemented in less than 5 minutes. Herewith the steps needed

  1. Reference the library & configure its usage 
  2. Reference the Html element.

New Project: Classifieds

“Noooo! Why another classifieds site? Aren’t they evil, ugly and well boring.”
This was more or less the answer my wife gave me, after I told her that I would be working on a classifieds site in my spare time [drama added].

Hmm. So why am I doing a Classifieds site?
Reason numero uno: Namibia (that is a country, for those of you who don’t know) does not have a Classifieds site
Well that’s not completely true. There are online Namibian classifieds sites out there, but they are ugly. I think Namibia deserves a pretty Classifieds site. Yay for that
Reason numero duo: it’s been on my to-do list for five years after friends & family have asked me to do it. Their reason. See reason number 1.
Additionally, it’s not so much about building a boring classifieds site. Rather I will be using some cool tools I want to experiment with in helping me build this site. I think you can make the most boring of projects/tasks interesting, by simply striving for awesomeness. ServiceStack, a web services framework, is helping me making this journey really enjoyable. [See all the [Tools] and Resources I am making use of]
Earning money online: I am hoping to earn some money from this venture. I will be sharing income reports once I launch the site (inspired by Mr Pat Flynn )

I aim to do all this by sharing my work online (thank to Derek Sivers for the inspiration).
– the source code is open & hosted on [link to be added]
– I will share milestones using this blog
– share stats & income reports of the actual Classifieds Site [once I launch it]

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